House of Plantagenet
Britain and France in the 12th century.
Base for the map of Gok├žeada (Turkey).
England at the end of 13th c.
Historical map of England.
The Iberian Peninsula under the Roman Republic (2nd century BC).
Villa Adriana (Tivoli)
Plan of the archaeological site of Villa Adriana (Part.).
Pacific War
Major battles in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World War II.
Fori Imperiali (Rome)
Plan of the archaeological site of Fori Imperiali (Part.).
Quattro Province
Part of a physical map of the Quattro Province, Italy.
Syrian Civil War
A Syrian conflict infografic.
Holy Roman Empire
Map of the Empire under Charlemagne.
Hanseatic League
Map of the hanseatic trade routes in Northern Europe.
Flooding Risk
Elaboration for flood risk assessment of a river in a residential area.